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Hey Trendsetters!

Jada West’s journey to developing her “Getting Unshy” approach is a testament to navigating through life’s complexities. She found herself overwhelmed by her roles as an influencer, fashion designer, resale shop owner, full-time employee, and mother. A pivotal realization came as she was on her way to pick up her son from daycare: her current lifestyle was unsustainable for building a profitable business. This sparked a period of self-reflec... Read more

Being Influential and Making an Impact

Posted on June 2023
Revised February 2024

The Real Influence

Influence isn't just about numbers or flashy trends; it's about making a genuine impact with your voice, expertise, and digital presence. Whether you're a social media powerhouse or a niche expert, the essence of influence lies in your ability to connect and inspire action. It's about crafting content and conversations that resonate, turning your online space into a hub of engageme... Read more

Monetizing Your Content Your Way

"How can I make money from my content?"

That was the question asked by a friend of mine on TikTok a few days ago and it really caught my attention.

She described how she has a passion for shoe brands that cater to women's sizes 12+, however, they aren't the biggest companies.

Nor do they have the same budgets as the more popular brands.

But her heart is to be able to continue to connect brands to consumers with her content, especially since... Read more

Ashley N.

The guided meditation is so good. It creates an environment to grow and heal that is where someone may be. Your voice was calm and soothing. I used it to start my day and to set the intentions ...

Irene G.

So far, I am loving this platform. When I am ready to launch my group coaching program, I will consider using this platform for my sessions.

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