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Black Boots That Are Perfect for the Office

So many women are ditching the heels for more comfortable and nontraditional options for the professional space. For some, the switch happened due to issues with joints, feet, back, or similar injuries. And for others, they never saw themselves as heels wearers in the first place.  Now, we have a variety of options for the woman looking for the perfect black boot to pair with their cute office ensembles. Here are a few of my favorites:             Currently on Sale for $39.99 as of January 11, 2022   Currently on sale for $79.99 as of January 11, 2022   If you want more options for No Heels Professional looks and more by following me on TikTok. ...

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Getting Dressed Through Depression

Depression is one of those states that likes to creep in unexpectedly and announce themselves once they have been there for a while. Between Seasonal Affective Disorder, being socially distanced from loved ones and everything else life has to offer we find ourselves struggling to find the hope in every day.  Well, this year was no different and before I allowed it to get out of control I decided to try some thing new. For seven days, I committed to wearing a new outfit and getting into something other than sweats and pajamas. And as a result, I experienced some of the deepest healing and rejuvenation I had ever had in my life. It felt like such a breakthrough.  Follow along...

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The True Reasons Why We Hate Our Clothes

midst the constantly rotating trends and micro-trends that have been flowing the fashion sphere, sometimes it's surprisingly easy to get stuck in the never-ending loop of "I have nothing to wear." Don't fret, take a look at the list below to find out why your wardrobe arsenal lacks that much-needed longevity and versatility aspect you crave. Consider it as your own, free consultation with an online personal stylist.

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How Exercise Helped Me Heal

When I started working with my trainer, I had no idea that I would get so much value out of investing in myself this way.    I gained confidence, self-esteem, clarity, relationships, and I now have one more accomplishment to add to my list. Another accomplishment to refer to as I push myself to keep going and pursue my goals.    Words cannot describe how incredible I feel in this moment, but I will try. Check out the full story below.   

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How I Created a Subscription Box in 21-Days

So, this amazing thing happened where I had an idea for a product, collaborated with other business owners, and made it happen in less than a month (insert mind-blown emoji).  The Winter Soul Care Package came to mind from a discussion I had with my mom earlier this month (November 2020) and the way it all came together truly makes my heart smile. Not only because it's actually happening, but also because of the value packed into each one.  Now, I'm guessing you want ALL the details about how this package came together and what you need to get one started for yourself. And I am here to deliver, ok?  I break down the process to making this box in...

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