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How Exercise Helped Me Heal

When I started working with my trainer, I had no idea that I would get so much value out of investing in myself this way.    I gained confidence, self-esteem, clarity, relationships, and I now have one more accomplishment to add to my list. Another accomplishment to refer to as I push myself to keep going and pursue my goals.    Words cannot describe how incredible I feel in this moment, but I will try. Check out the full story below.   

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How I Created a Subscription Box in 21-Days

So, this amazing thing happened where I had an idea for a product, collaborated with other business owners, and made it happen in less than a month (insert mind-blown emoji).  The Winter Soul Care Package came to mind from a discussion I had with my mom earlier this month (November 2020) and the way it all came together truly makes my heart smile. Not only because it's actually happening, but also because of the value packed into each one.  Now, I'm guessing you want ALL the details about how this package came together and what you need to get one started for yourself. And I am here to deliver, ok?  I break down the process to making this box in...

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Read This When You're Really Ready to Change

What Does It Take To Change?  You see those people on social media who seem to have their lives together perfectly. Your favorite influencer has a dream morning routine, she works out consistently, and never seems to skip a beat. And now you are wondering, “What is she doing that I am not?”  Life is already challenging enough without the temptation to compare or put ourselves down because we have yet to see an improvement in our lives. However, I am here to share with simple, actionable steps to begin seeing a change in your habits to make your goals a reality. And to sweeten the deal, these tips are applicable to ANY area in our lives. So, no matter...

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