The True Reasons Why We Hate Our Clothes

 Here is the thing: We would all love to live in a utopian society where every piece of clothing seemingly fit into our daily ensembles. However, obviously, this isn't the case - unless you are a personal stylist. Granted, there is a lot of buzz around the word "sustainability", but in 2021, eco-friendly living is tightly connected to the true reasons why we hate our clothes.

Amidst the constantly rotating trends and micro-trends that have been flowing the fashion sphere, sometimes it's surprisingly easy to get stuck in the never-ending loop of "I have nothing to wear." Don't fret, take a look at the list below to find out why your wardrobe arsenal lacks that much-needed longevity and versatility aspect you crave. Consider it as your own, free consultation with an online personal stylist.


1. Chances are that we don't really know how to shop

 Let's get one thing straight: shopping for clothes can absolutely be extremely overwhelming and confusing. Sometimes, we find ourselves eyeing on that cute influencer-approved top, and next you know, it is hanged in our closets. The only issue is, that we've just added yet another fad to the long list of one-season items that have no longevity to them. What looks gorgeous on another gal, might not look that well on you. 


Smart shopping is all about comprehending your lifestyle and its fashion style needs. Do you spend most of your days in an office? Are you a college student? Maybe, you are a full-time stay-at-home mom? Your wardrobe arsenal should be a reflection of your day-to-day life.


2. We constantly buy things we don't actually love

 Take it from a freelance style strategist. Whether you have, yet again, been influenced by your best friend and all her enviable looks or you've already spent 2 hours looking through dozens of e-catalogs and all you need to do is "get it over with", opting for something you don't really love will only hurt the "health" of your wardrobe. Granted, social media plays a huge role in this, but remember, trends come and go, what stays eternal is your own individual style.  



3. We invest in too many trendy pieces

 Now, don't get me wrong. Trendy pieces absolutely have a spot in your clothing rotation, however, it all comes down to moderation. Your wardrobe should include an array of staples that can be styled in a myriad of different ways. Only then, you will be able to reap the benefits of those cute trends that keep popping up left and right. If you are absolutely enamored with that neon color blazer you've been eyeing on Instagram, you absolutely need to make sure that it fits your pre-existing wardrobe. Think of it as a  constant, fun style quiz to yourself.

 Too many clashing trends, vibrant one-season styles, and un-wearable ensembles will only take you so far.


4. We are all guilty of buying clothes for your future body

 Setting realistic expectations is a fantastic way to reach your #bodygoals, however, when we are focusing too much on ordering those "inspo" clothes that are one or two sizes smaller in order to boost our motivation to work more efficiently towards our goals, we might end up with a plethora of ill-fitting fashion style options instead. There will be plenty of time to go on a shopping spree as a reward to yourself, later on, I promise.


 5. We might be too fixated on an idealized personal style 

 Of course, knowing exactly what works for you is extremely important. Nonetheless, we often tend to get too fixated on our staple "uniforms" and when the time comes for some styling experimentation, we are left empty-handed. 


6, Maybe, we don't really know what our personal style is

 Unlike those who stick to the basics, there is the probability of not knowing what your personal style really is. Feeling comfortable in our clothes is one of the most important things of daily dressing. Sure, this beautiful dress you've just ordered might look extremely cute on the model, however, are you really ready to rock it with pride? Through experimentation, and maybe with the help of a personal style strategist you will be able to pinpoint the clothes that make you feel and look your best.


7. We don't know our body type

 No matter our age, weight, or height, dressing for our specific body type is pretty important. Of course, everyone can wear their favorite clothes and look amazing in them, however, ill-fitting, wrong size clothing that is too tight, too short, too big, or simply odd-looking on our figure should not make the cut. 


8. Your closet is a hot mess

 You might already own your fair share of staples and trendy pieces, the only issue is that you simply cannot find them on time. At some point in our lives, we all stood in front of our closets, looking directly at the mess we've created over the last year. It's time to get to work and re-organize your wardrobe arsenal. Chances are that you already own the staple pieces that you could have sworn that they are missing from your list.

 Knowing exactly what clothes you own will absolutely help you in your future shopping sprees as well. Yes, it's yet another style quiz for you. There is no better way to pick up new items. Additionally, if your shelves are overflowing with outdated or ill-fitting clothes, you can always give stuff away and offer them a new life.