About Me

woman smiling wearing a hot pink dress with ruffles sitting on a blue couch.

Hey Trendsetter!

I’m Jada West and I believe that everyone is meant to be a trendsetter. Yes, everyone. And I have made it my mission to give you all the tools necessary to be the boldest version of yourself possible, through self expression. 

My Journey:

  • Started sewing by cutting up socks to make dresses for barbies
  • Designing prom dresses in high school 
  • Studying fashion design in school and failing miserably 
  • Quitting fashion altogether and coming back to it to make sisters prom dress
  • Started blogging about Upcycling and making YouTube videos
  • Became a Visual Merchandiser and became well-rounded in styling the everyday person 
  • Quit fashion again *insert facepalm emoji*
  • Came back after a much needed break and healing to approach it from a perspective that involves holistic style

If you are anything like me, you may have always felt left out, like an outsider, someone who never fit in. Whether it was from dressing differently, or not having the “ideal” features, or being economically disadvantaged- you never quite fit the mold. 

Well, I realized that no matter how long ago these experiences have occurred they always seem to affect us in the present. And that realization helped me understand that style is deeper than what we put on our bodies. In order to truly be confident in our self-expression we have to understand what motivates what we decide to put on our bodies (good or bad), and HEAL. That is where the true makeover occurs. When we heal the soul we can REALLY look and dress the way we want. 

I am dedicated to helping people who are tired of playing it safe and being in the background. I serve and style people who are experiencing transitions in their lives (divorce, marriage, empty nesters, new parent, entrepreneur, influencers, and more). The people who want to finally feel confident with themselves and allowing others to see them, forreal. 

What I Offer

Personal Styling Services 

Influencer and Product Promotion 

Image Consulting 

Public Speaker/ Training (confidence, body positivity, soul and style, fashion marketing, content creation, sustainable fashion)

Fashion Design (emphasis on repurposed fashion)


We believe in: Sustainability. Boldness. Creativity. Authenticity.

Sustainability: In fashion, we believe in utilizing the garments we have created already by reducing the amount of fast fashion we participate in. We teach others and practice purchasing clothes that last, secondhand clothing, and repurposing existing clothing. 

We believe in sustainability in life, too! We actively work on creating a culture that treats humans like humans. That means taking into account the person as a whole, treating them with respect, and creating a culture that respects boundaries, promotes healing + growth, and does not force a way of thinking or life on anyone. 

Additionally, we are working hard on avoiding supporting businesses that participate in slave labor of any kind. Any affiliates, partners, and collaborations with others involve a deep vetting process to ensure that we are not contributing to any third-party slave labor violators as well. 

** We are hoping to partner with organizations that aid and prevent human trafficking, domestic violence, and starvation in the near future.

Lastly, we are a safe-space for every member of our community. Regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexuality, and any other form of division for the human race.