About Us

My name is Jada West, and I am a Soul Care Strategist. My goal is to teach creative entrepreneurs how to heal and move beyond times of ineffectiveness. My passion for helping people has given me the tools necessary to further bring success to those in need. And it’s my faith that has brought me to this point in my life, by showing me how I can encourage others to boldly pursue their passion.


As a Soul Care Strategist, I identify the problems that hold people back from reaching their full potential. I work within my faith to find solutions to spiritual blockages, creating individualized plans for each person I meet. Together, we build upon existing talents and interests, and we work toward finding the right path toward achieving our goals.


 My journey in life has included personal struggles that made me feel like my life lacked meaning. I had low self-esteem and made poor choices, but I eventually realized what I needed to do to rise above and move forward. In the past two years, I have found how to be true to myself and embrace life in new and powerful ways. It is my personal growth that has inspired my choice to reach out and help others.


In my work, I always incorporate prayer and meditation through my sessions, courses and products. I believe that ultimately The Holy Spirit is what gives us the wisdom and guidance we are looking for in life. As a mother and a disciple of Jesus, I know that having a strong connection to my faith will continue to add to my accomplishments in life. 


With my passions in mind, I’ve recently launched a publication called The Soul Care Journal. Its purpose it to help people gain freedom from mental, emotional, or spiritual blocks of creativity. It is my hope that others find their identity and discover how faith and spirituality can help in personal growth. And that all creative people can rise above their struggles and succeed.