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You are over everything in your closet. Nothing about it excites you and doesn't align with your lifestyle or who you are anymore. It's time to get some clarity & make room for the new.  We will help you identify what needs to go and what pieces should stay.

Here’s How It Works in 3 Simple Steps: 

  1. Find what works vs. what doesn’t. (This includes fit, condition of garments, current season of life, etc.)
  2. Analyze your closet (Trying on various pieces and asking how you feel in each)
  3. Repair, Mend, Alter, Donate. (Determine what fits in each category and move accordingly. 


After this session, you will also receive a pdf copy of your style which will include a guide to help you continue on in declutter on your own. 



Virtual 90-minute Session: $175

In-Person (local) 90-minute session: $225

Book A Declutter Session


If you’re tired of looking at the clothes that you already own or are wondering how to maximize your existing wardrobe, this is for you. We’ll work together to get you multiple looks using what you already own. Discover new ways to wear your clothes without having to step foot in another store (or online). 

We’ll create some fun options to start your new style journey. 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. We set up a video or phone call to get an idea of what you are looking to accomplish in your wardrobe. Some common reasons for this service:
    1. Frustration with current wardrobe and looking for a cost effective alternative
    2. Starting a new role or career path and in need of change
    3. A change in weight that is drastic enough to impact your current style 
    4. Branding/ Photoshoot for entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to create new content for marketing
  2. Time to go through your closet! 

We will either virtually or in person do a deep dive into your wardrobe and go through some essential styling tips for your current clothes. Here I will teach you different techniques and alternatives for how to style your clothes that match your style. While trying on clothes we will also get to chat and dive into more details about yourself. 

**This session will last approximately 90-minutes. 

  1. Get your style profile!
    1. I will send you a digital copy of outfit suggestions in pdf form. It will include some suggestions for essentials, fun additions to your wardrobe for future shopping trips, and an encouraging note to help keep you going on your style journey. 


Virtual Service $175

In-Person (local) Service $200

Book a ReWork Session


You know that you need a refresh in your wardrobe, but you don’t know where to start. We will work together to help you discover where to shop, how to mix your new pieces with your current pieces. This is the ideal option for someone who:

  • Recently decluttered and needs to replenish options
  • Entered a new season or stage of life and need options that reflect those changes (i.e. new mom, recently married/divorced, promotion in career, branding for business)
  • Had a strong desire to learn how to shop for themselves with less stress and less time involved. 
  • Wants to learn how to shop smarter, spend less, learn how to thrift/ get started with some help.


Make the most of your purchases by knowing exactly how to wear them multiple ways, plus feeling more confident when shopping for yourself in the future. 


During the RE-UP process you will have the option to decide what your budget will be for shopping. My specialty is in maximizing your budget by finding sustainable options for shopping, which includes thrifting, vintage items, altering/mending clothes and more. 



  1. We have a 90-minute session to go through your current wardrobe and assess. (refer to declutter session for more details)
  2. Receive a style guide to give outfit options and shopping suggestions for future purchases. 
  3. Shopping! Whether online or on-person I will either collect purchase suggestions for you and all you have to do is click (imagine a wishlist). 
    1. Or I take (1-2) shopping trips in person and deliver the options right to your door. (option available virtually or in person) 
  4. We meet up for one last 30-minute session to get an overview of your choices and ensure the fit. I will make recommendations for tailoring or styling options for the newest pieces. 



Virtual/ In Person w/o shopping trip  $295

Including physical shopping trip        $395

Book a ReUp Session


Complete Style Strategy 

A combination of all the services (rework, declutter, re-up) over a period of sessions. It’s like having a stylist on standby! This would be comparable to a complete makeover and is perfect for people who have experienced:

  • significant  weight changes (loss or gain) 
  • Never having an understanding of personal style
  • Struggles with body image, confidence, feeling attractive
  • Having one or multiple children and needing support in prioritizing yourself
  • Major career change or shift; moving into the a public figure role (i.e. influencer, political office, entertainment, media, public speaker)

Here’s How It Works

The Complete Style Strategy package includes 4 sessions over a period of 2-4 months depending on frequency. Each session will be one of the services listed in this order: 

  1. Declutter pt. 1
  2. Declutter pt. 2
  3. Rework
  4. Re-Up (with shopping trip option) 

 During this period, you will also have a private email and workspace to receive additional support in between services. You will also receive a style profile with shopping suggestions, outfit ideas, and encouragement.  Additionally, you will receive (3) 30 minute support calls to discuss life, debrief, and release some stress. 


Complete Style Strategy 

Virtual or In Person $950

Book the Complete Style Strategy

Optional Add-Ons

If you need me in-person for a specific event or styling service listed above the “in-person” pricing goes into effect with added costs. These are variable costs include, which include:

  • Flights and lodging
  • Transportation
  • Food and Drink 

These add-ons can be discussed and a proposal will be sent to detail the estimated costs for your particular case.