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The Soul Care Journal is a guided journal to allow the creators of faith, business owners, and everyone in between to declutter and hear clearly from God. 


Each page allows you to follow simple steps in order to hear clearly from God, gain an intimate relationship with Him, and get the clarity you need to move forward in life. 


The Soul Care Journal is proven to: 

  • Remind you of how God has shown up and answered prayers. Also reinforces the fact that I can hear Him by seeing the evidence

  • Practice being present and honest

  • Help you create content ideas


Different ways to use it: 

  • Record dreams (often a way that God speaks to us)

  • Business- track mindset + generate content ideas+ gain clarity on vision

  • Healing in a particular area (depression, anxiety, fear, insecurity)


**Print the pages in color or black and white to save ink. 

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