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Content Cadence

Content Cadence


In this marketing support program, I will personally check in on your overall well-being and address any challenges that may arise. Together, we will strategize for your upcoming campaigns, products, promotions, or launches to ensure your marketing efforts are well-prepared. I will update your content strategy for the next 30 days, considering hashtags, trends, and current events, and optimizing captions and comment sections. Additionally, I will guide you on how to effectively repurpose and repost content across multiple platforms. Throughout the program, I will provide you with a content layout for the next 30 days and schedule bi-weekly follow-up calls to discuss progress, review analytics, and make necessary adjustments. You will also have access to valuable editing tips, content creation advice, and content audits to optimize your marketing efforts. Let's work together to achieve your marketing goals!

• Check in on overall well-being and challenges that may arise

• Address strategy for upcoming campaigns, products, promotions, or launches to prepare marketing

• Update strategy for the next 30 days of content: including hashtags, trends/current events, captions/comment section

• How to repurpose and repost content on various platforms

You will receive a layout for your content for the next 30 days and a follow-up call bi-weekly to discuss progress, review analytics and adjust if necessary. You will also receive access to editing tips, content creation tips, and audits of your content for optimization.

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